Bec Reid

Connecting communities through dance



I feel very fortunate that through my artistic practice I can connect with so many diverse people.

That’s why I love dance so much because it’s not necessarily language based. Someone who’s participating in the work will literally be looking over and seeing another community member that they would otherwise have no connection to, so that’s the space where they can meet.

New connections can be made and through that you can see your community, your world; the way you can be in all of that.

At its heart (my work) is about diversity and inclusivity. The tip of the iceberg is in that moment the participant feels really strong and good about their bodies and what they’re doing, but then underneath the iceberg is what resonance they might have. They might have some transformative experience that could happen six months later, a year later, or start to see the world in a different way.

We have so much opportunity to be in our bodies in our daily lives in Australia with so much potential to really live a dynamic, kaleidoscopic creative culture.

If I can create something where someone can experience an artistic, creative way of seeing the world, that’s absolutely what gets me out of bed in the morning.

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Bec Reid

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