“Not dance, not theatre, not hilarious comedy, not performance art, and yet, somehow, cleverly all of the
above. Born in a Taxi is one of Melbourne’s most entertaining yet refined physical theatre groups…” Fiona
Scott Norman, The Age
Born in a Taxi (“Taxi”) mix dance with humour, the profound with the profane and the familiar with the unlikely.
Established in 1989, Taxi is one of Melbourne’s most highly regarded physical theatre ensembles and creators
of contemporary performance. They are recognised for producing highly original, physically driven and
participatory works in theatres, site specific and outdoor contexts that focus on real time co-creation.
Hybrid theatre shows, street theatre, high quality corporate entertainment, workshops, community projects, and
performances for young audiences are part of Taxi’s on-going portfolio. Working across these diverse
performance environments is Taxi’s main strength, informing the company’s ability to connect to vast range of
Over the past 3 decades, Taxi has developed a unique methodology in ensemble movement improvisation
which underpins their process and performances. This has created a cross disciplinary style that lives in
between the cracks of theatre and dance. Taxi’s training methodology is becoming increasingly in demand
across broad performance making contexts.

Creative partner of Bleach* Festival since 2011