Clawmachine is the kaleidoscopic creation of young new producer, Dylan Lindquist.

He keeps up with the progressive state of the music industry by producing works that are an amalgamation of genres, rather than sticking to one domain of sound.
The result? A sensory melting pot of indie, electronica, pop and psychedelia.
In order to translate the magic made indoors to the stage; Dylan recruited 4 of his closest pals to join him on a collaboration of fun and creativity. Already, the public have been resonant to Clawmachine’s sound, with a welcoming presence on Spotify and Triple J Unearthed. The whimsical 5-piece are gearing up for a busy year of live shows and releases.
Clawmachine has already proven to be a uniting conduit for music lovers on the Gold Coast, bringing together a bunch of different people to capture the spirit of youth, fun and ingenuity. There’s no doubt that this dynamic project will continue to saturate ears with glorious melodies well into the future.

Creative partner of Bleach* Festival since 2011