Composer Corrina Bonshek’s writes music that is inspired by the sounds and patterns of nature, and her own meditation practice. Her music has been described as ‘beautifully shaped and contemplative’ (Clare MacClean, 2013), and ‘deeply spiritual in intent’ (Anne Boyd, 2002). Her recent compositions include Nature Spirit for pianist Alex Raineri (Australia), A Bird Amongst Flowers for Little Giant Chinese Chamber Orchestra (Taiwan) and Desert Time for Pipa player Yu Rong Chen (Taiwan). Foremost in her practice is the desire to create deeply transformative, listening experiences. This has led her to create immersive, sound installations and music-art events in unusual spaces. An example is Journey to the Centre – music for a labyrinth walk (2014), which is permanently installed at the labyrinth in Centennial Park, Sydney and features nature sounds by Wild Ambience. This piece was broadcast on ABC TV Compass Program, ABC Radio National Off Track, and is the subject of a 30-minute feature for ABC Radio National’s The Rhythm Divine.


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Corrina Bonshek

Creative partner of Bleach* Festival since 2011