Originally Ivey began as a garage band created by two brothers Lachlan and Matthew McGuffie with their neighbour, Dante Martin. The band Ivey was officially formed in April 2013 with the introduction of lead vocalist Millie Perks by guitarist Lachlan McGuffie.

The 4-piece outfit released their single “Smell of Smoke” in late 2015, which saw Ivey complete a whirlwind of massive support shows, performing with the likes of British India, The Delta Riggs, Tired Lion and The Belligerents towards the end of 2015.

Ivey powered into 2017, announcing an extended tour which saw them once again travel down the east coast, supporting Miami Horror, Mosquito Coast, The Vanns and Tiger Town along with scoring slots at festivals such as Surfers Paradise Live and Blurst Of Times. In between their busy touring schedules, Ivey have been writing consistently, building up a strong repertoire of new music. With a building, enthusiastic fan base, a high energy live show and a fierce young work ethic, the rest of 2018 looks to be quite large for the local Gold Coast act.

Creative partner of Bleach* Festival since 2011