Leopold’s Treat write and play from the heart. They describe their music as ‘grassroots experimental acoustic folk’, seeing dynamic rhythms intertwined with emotive slide guitar and bright acoustic melodies. Kate Leopold delivers powerful vocals that are at times reflective or energizing and somewhat soothing…

Leopold’s Treat create experiences that activate and awaken inspiration, through sharing stories and song in a collision of sound and colour. A series of recent sold out concerts have consolidated their following and seen the emergence of a unified community of supporters. Their motto is “find what it is that makes you shine inside and move in that direction”. The live performance journeys through explorations in emotion, meditation, joy, expression, life stories and contemplations on love and freedom.

“one is left bathing in a warm glow as the sun sets and the cold river washes over and invigorates ones musical soul”

Creative partner of Bleach* Festival since 2011